WordPress Sicherheitsdienste

System hardening

After performing a vulnerability assessment of your WordPress site, you must move on to the next step called „system hardening“ (to secure your site).

The type of system hardening is unique, as the same procedure is applied on all WordPress sites regardless of size and criticality!

In the next section you will find a detailed list of individual settings implemented in a standard WordPress  system hardening.

Security settings

SSL certificate encrypts (secure) data transfer between your web server and visitors‘ browsers

Setup and configuration of a premium security plugin to protect your site against several threats

Setup and configuration of management software for automatic WordPress system files, theme and plugins updating

Login page’s url is hidden to mitigate brute force attacks

Bad bots scans are automatically banned after repeated attempts

Daily website’s files scanning, reporting any unauthorized changes

Restricted access to xmlrpc interface to prevent hacking attempts

Rest API endpoints access restricted only to authorized users

htaccess custom directives to protect your site against hacking attempts

Setting up HTTP Security Headers to protect the site against hacking attempts

Daily website file scan, looking up for malware installed by any malicious user

Setting up 2-factor user authentication, to strengthen the security of system access

Setting up a password management policy that obliges users to use secure passwords and change them regularly

Setting up wp-config.php salts & keys management, to strengthen passwords integrity

WordPress by default uses a vulnerable password encryption algorithm. We setup a better algorithm to make passwords even more secure.

Setup and configuration of a Premium backup/restore software, to save files and databases in a server in the cloud with strong encryption to protect  against tampering

Setup and configuration of a Premium Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect website against intrusion attempts

Setup and configuration of a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that  filters any suspicious traffic and at the same time speeds up content loading (caching feature)

Setup of a failover DNS system for authoritative DNS servers for the domain


Silver *
  • Hardening
  • Free plugins


Gold *
350 *
  • Hardening
  • Premium plugins

* Initial subscription fee.
From the second year, the price is 115 Euro (software license renewal)

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