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Malware removal

Your site has been hacked and infected by a virus or malware?

Don’t wait any longer and request our professional virus and malware removal service as soon as possible!!

In addition to malware removal, I recommend you to subscribe to my system hardening and security monitoring services so as to minimize the chances that such an event could happen again.

Finally, to further protect your site, I recommend moving it to a more secure hosting provider, with a more adequate infrastructure, able to constantly monitor system’s security.


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Read from my Blog “Help, my WordPress site has been compromised!

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Service details

Your site is cleaned of all traces of malware (both files and database) using automatic scanners and specific manual repair

There’s no point cleaning up a site if you don’t understand where the entry point was. The risk is to find yourself with a reinfected site in a very short time!

In case of a hacked site, I strongly recommend to subscribe for a system hardening to prevent another hacking!

Finally, I strongly recommend that you also subscribe a security monitoring service, for a peaceful night’s sleep!
Just relax, I’ll take care of your website’s security!!

Malware removal

Only files
  • Only files

Malware removal

Files and database
  • Files and database

I want to order a malware removal for my site!

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