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Corporate VPS Hosting

VPS server with the performance of a dedicated one!

Our Corporate VPS server is the best platform for WordPress sites (single or multi-site setup) of large corporations and medium-sized eCommerce sites with average traffic volumes (< 100,000 visits/month).

On each server you can request up to 3 WordPress sites, which can be used as development sites (dev.domain.com), staging sites (staging.domain.com) and then production sites (www.domain.com).

Server management is provided in semi-managed mode (cost included in the base rate) and in managed mode (with additional cost).

For this reason administration panels (cPanel or other) are not available and for file transfer, only FTP access is provided.

We want you to get rid of all the headaches of the system management of a server, and let you focus on the design and development of your website or your customers’!

Hosting features



Included services

* 24/7 security monitoring (25 Euro/month)

** Max. 2 support tickets/month.
For additional support requests, we have support packages of 4 tickets to purchase (25 Euro).

Hosting price: 50 Euro/month

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