WordPress security services

Security assessment

A security assessment is the first step to secure your WordPress site.

Two different kinds of assessments can be performed, depending on the level of depth and detail that you want to obtain: a first surface level assessments (“Light”) which analyze the most obvious vulnerabilities, and a more thorough assessment (“Deep”).

Depending on the size and criticality level of the website, the first level is indicated for small to medium business websites (less than 100 pages), and the second level for a large and mission-critical site (eCommerce, Corporate).


Light *
  • Light scan (WPScan)
  • Malware scan
  • Blacklisting scan
  • WP version
  • PHP version
  • xmlrpc + Rest API


Deep *
  • Light assessment +
  • Thorough scan (WPScan)
  • Theme + plugin vulnerabilities
  • HTTP Security Headers
  • Folders + file settings
  • Hosting security

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